May 23, 2024

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Andromeda Partners with Optum to Transform Healthcare User-Insurance

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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – April 25, 2024) – Andromeda Health Corp. (“Andromeda”), a comprehensive digital healthcare platform and a patient super app, partners with the industry giant, Optum, a subsidiary of United Healthcare Group (UHG), to expand its reach and develop AERIES, an AI-driven solution for real-time and extended insurance eligibility. The initiative aims to boost interoperability between payers and providers and improve patient experiences with healthcare technologies across the US.

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Insurance eligibility verification is essential for accessing medical services and ensuring healthcare providers are paid. In an industry where financial and operational efficiencies are paramount, swiftly and accurately verifying insurance coverage is crucial for maintaining a seamless healthcare delivery system.

Andromeda acknowledges this burden and teams up with Optum to utilize its extensive healthcare insurance insights and top-tier healthcare solutions to address a critical point of healthcare delivery-insurance eligibility verification. The product uses artificial intelligence (AI) and AERIES (Automated Enhanced Real-time Insurance Eligibility Solution) technology to make checking patient insurance eligibility faster, easier, more accurate and more comprehensive, improving healthcare access, billing, and workflows.

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David Vakhtangishvili, CEO of Andromeda, mentions that this product aims to enhance operational efficiency for both healthcare providers and payers, simultaneously, improve the patient experience by providing immediate clarity on coverage, reduce administrative burden, reduce overhead costs, and contribute to a more efficient, patient-centered healthcare system.

“Imagine a comprehensive healthcare app made even more accessible and reliable by incorporating other key businesses’ expertise. With this new consolidation of our efforts, the level of reach in the healthcare services delivery in the market is limitless,” Vakhtangishvili asserts.

Andromeda’s and Optum’s work exemplifies just one facet of its broader features, facilitating a holistic and efficient healthcare technology experience. It underscores the company’s commitment to addressing critical pain points within the healthcare system through its comprehensive technology.

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Vakhtangishvili believes the collaboration advances and opens doors to more opportunities to integrate technology into healthcare. It also highlights a shared commitment to improving healthcare access and affordability for patients in the U.S. and worldwide.

About Andromeda

Andromeda is a comprehensive digital healthcare platform and a patient super app founded by David Vakhtangishvili, an entrepreneur and seasoned professional with over 25 years of extensive experience in senior executive roles, audit, finance & banking, risk, IT, and the healthcare industry.

He designed Andromeda to be a fully integrated and comprehensive digital healthcare ecosystem, incorporating the front-end user experience with a robust back-end infrastructure. By consolidating all components of healthcare-including doctors, clinics, hospitals, payers and their health plans, retailers, and pharmacies-into one cohesive virtual ecosystem, Andromeda features a seamless and uninterrupted process for patients, improves service quality, extracts efficiencies, and increases sales while reducing costs.

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Contact Person’s Name: David Vakhtangishvili, CEO
Company Name: Andromeda Health Corp
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Contact Email Address: [email protected]

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